high-quality handcrafted bicycle gear


Lifeisaride is all about hand-crafted Products at top-notch quality. We live the urban biking lifestyle and hence are passionate to present it to the outside world. Messenger bags are being used by bike messengers and other bike enthusiasts on a daily basis. They help us go through everyday life. Cycle caps are not only to be worn under a helmet. We love to put on our cyclecaps to publicly show our positive attitude towards cycling. Every single one of our handcrafted products originates from a little sewing workshop located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Here we come up with our unique ideas and innovative designs. This is where our manufactured goods start their journey to places all over the world. Our slogan I❤MyGear shows the appreciation that we carry for the fixed gear and track cycling community. A scene we are proud to be an avid part of. It is so much more than just a lifestyle. It is so much more than just sports. We live to support the movement and having chance to enhance its uniqueness makes us incredibly proud.